Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Nine Headed Hydra

On a Starless and Stormy night the horrifying looking creature crept out of its dark cave With Venom dripping from its mouth. It lingered waiting for meat to walk past. Arrrgh! The scary creature yelled with more venom coming out of its mouth, it hadn't eaten in a day. In the distance he could see a light, the Hydra was angry. He charged towards it and he saw a brave knight on his horse. He was wanting to be the first one to defeat the Hydra. This was the moment he had dreamed of. Neigh! yelled the horse and the Knight thrust his sword at the creature. The hydra ducked.Grind his evil Grind and shredded the brave knight into pieces with its vicious teeth. The Hydra stood undefeated.


FEKSTAR said...

Well done Jonty keep up the great writing. I liked it when you made it in your own story.

Your editer Feki

Manaiakalani said...

Nice work Jonty. I can see why Miss Tito chose it as Blog of the week. The descriptive language you used was awesome and really bulit an atmosphere of suspense. I look forward to more. Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonty its me Sione man that was so intersting the best thing I liked about your story how the Hydra stood undefeated.Well keep up the good work Sione

Logan and Darius said...

Hi Jonty

Sounded like a weird story...It was like a movie that
I have seen called Clash of the Titans. The funniest part was the bit when the horse went neigh! We thought that was a pretty cool story.

From Logan and Darius

Gloria said...

Hi Jonty

That was a really funny story how the got riped to pices. Good luck on your other work!!!:)