Thursday, May 27, 2010

State vs State Mate vs Mate

''Did you watch State of origin?'' ''I did''. State of Origin is when a variety of NRL players get picked to represent their state to go into two worthy teams and collide to play 3 games of fantastic rugby league. It was one of the most favourable things on television last

10.30pm was the kickoff time. I was like a sloth, I was so tired I could barely see.
Soon later i missed 3 minutes because i had been sleeping a big BOOM! of the game had woke me up .

As i watched the game was funny because New South Wales were scoring tries and my whole family were going for Queensland. The first try scorer was from the New South whales The one and only Jarryd Hayne. At the end of the game the score was 24-28 to Queensland.

My highlight of the State Of Origin was the try from the big man Anthony Watmough from a kick off the boot of Brett Kimmorley i can't wait for the next two games. ''Go New South''

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Artistic Art

A couple of weeks ago we drew volcanoes it was awesome. My volcano was a bit hard to draw because we had to draw it with chalk . I can't wait till we draw more volcano's .I'm looking forward to the next art to be done next I hope you like my wonderful volcano.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Team the Mt Wellington Warriors

My Team the Mt Wellington Warriors, I had played for them last year . We have lost one game and one the rest so far. My positions are second rower and centre our hardest team we have played so far are the Bay Roskill vikings they are very challenging. In my team are 17 players 2 can not play every week it stinks if you are not playing but the next week you will be able to play . At the start of the season i was playing for the Otahuhu Leopards with my cousin Matthew but i was uncomfortable there and went back to my favourite club Mt Wellington Warriors. I love rugby league its my favourite sport to play.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Madden 10

My favourite PS3 game is Madden 2010 it's the best game EVER!!. It has the best graphics, My favourite teams are the Arizona Cardinals,Green Bay Packers,Indianapolis Colts And the New England Patriots.
My favourite player would have to be Larry Fitzgerald the other version of Israel Folau, another High jumper. He can catch the ball like a dog jumping in the air to catch a Frisbee disc . I'm the champ no one has beaten me yet.