Thursday, December 2, 2010

Excperiancing our new netbooks

getting a new net book has been unbelievable for me because i can type up my work for all of our school to see. It is also fun doing typing lessons and all kinds of stuff i usually write about rugby league and my favourite things to do. here is a picture of me and my friend using my our new netbooks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

surf life education

On a Friday morning us year 7s went on a bus trip to Mairangi Bay, i was excited to go on this trip because we got to go in the water. I had never been to this beach before because it had been far from home.I hoped this beach was better than Mission bay and Pt England. We were going there to get some tips on how to stay safe while you are in or out of the water.

As we arrived we went inside the clubhouse we had met 3 life guards they're names were rosy,recall,Megan and bailey what is a club house ?it is like a first aid it is where the life guards take people that are hurt also it is also where they keep a look out for people who are putting they're
we had lunch same old lunch nuttela bread and chips and a fruit then my mates asked ''do you want to play some rugby on the sand '' i yelled "YES!!" as soon as we started the megaphone had went off WOO! WOO! that meant we had to go inside

''We are going to do some activities in the water'' the life guards we went explained, Yusss! i yelled, we used the boogie boards and the tubes us boys boogie boarded first and the girls used the tubes the boogie boards were the best.

It was a long day at Mairangi Bay but sure enjoyed it the highlight of the day for me was boogie boarding because i caught heaps of waves it was way better than mission bay and Pt England combined.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meeting the rugby league stars

Boom Boom ,Boom Boom my heart had been raceing , Shorley i was waiting for this day to come. A couple of year 7 s and year 6s had been picked to go to the four nations fan club day to meet some of our favourite rugby league idols. What is the four nations? it is when four countries Australia,New Zealand,Papua New Guinea and England play rugby league against each other for the four nations cup.

Metting my favourite player in the NRL, guess who? Sam Burgess he was a bit bigger than i thought he would , he was humungus like triple the size of me i had got him to sign my rabbitohs ball because the rabbitohs are the best and also i got him to sign my four nations card.

Who would want to show us the haka for free tickets to the kiwis and kangaroos game on saturday said the hoster we yelled ‘’US!!’’ free tickets would be great. So the hoster said ‘’ok you guys in the red’’, so we went down to the field and performed the haka it wasn’t that loud but at least we got some free tickets.

I didn’t feel like leaving but we had to i would of stayed if i was bolted to the ground but i will get to see them in the stands so i said fa’

Friday, October 22, 2010

Acknowledging photos on the web.

We have just learned to share the love by acknowledging the websites we take images from.

Click on this pic to see where I got it from

Friday, October 15, 2010


This is my Techtonik team from the fia fia night last year

Go Tecktonic!!!

The Praying Mantis

This term we have been learning about little critters. This is information about the Praying Mantis I've got from the movie shown to our class 'THE WORLDS BIGGEST and BADDEST BUGS". What made me so interested about this insect is that even when it's against a bigger predator it will stay and battle.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Favourite player Sam Burgess!

Sam Burgess profile:


This is Sam burgess 1st year for the rabbitohs his old team is the bradford bulls he is a very talented player. He has scored 14 tries this year and made 135 tackles with Sam Burgess in the rabbitohs they might just win the premiership.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs are my favourite team in the NRL. The Rabbitohs have won 10 games and lost 10 games, the Rabbitohs are my favourite team because they have many good players and there coaches name is John Lang.

I think they just might win the NRL premiership cup with there outstanding players like
Sam Burgess,Fetuli Talanoa,Colin best,Chris Sandow and Beau Champion I hope there's a spot in the top 8 for them.

I got a feeling the that the rabbitohs are going to take the premiership cup home.

Good luck the Rabbitohs!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

State vs State Mate vs Mate

''Did you watch State of origin?'' ''I did''. State of Origin is when a variety of NRL players get picked to represent their state to go into two worthy teams and collide to play 3 games of fantastic rugby league. It was one of the most favourable things on television last

10.30pm was the kickoff time. I was like a sloth, I was so tired I could barely see.
Soon later i missed 3 minutes because i had been sleeping a big BOOM! of the game had woke me up .

As i watched the game was funny because New South Wales were scoring tries and my whole family were going for Queensland. The first try scorer was from the New South whales The one and only Jarryd Hayne. At the end of the game the score was 24-28 to Queensland.

My highlight of the State Of Origin was the try from the big man Anthony Watmough from a kick off the boot of Brett Kimmorley i can't wait for the next two games. ''Go New South''

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Artistic Art

A couple of weeks ago we drew volcanoes it was awesome. My volcano was a bit hard to draw because we had to draw it with chalk . I can't wait till we draw more volcano's .I'm looking forward to the next art to be done next I hope you like my wonderful volcano.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Team the Mt Wellington Warriors

My Team the Mt Wellington Warriors, I had played for them last year . We have lost one game and one the rest so far. My positions are second rower and centre our hardest team we have played so far are the Bay Roskill vikings they are very challenging. In my team are 17 players 2 can not play every week it stinks if you are not playing but the next week you will be able to play . At the start of the season i was playing for the Otahuhu Leopards with my cousin Matthew but i was uncomfortable there and went back to my favourite club Mt Wellington Warriors. I love rugby league its my favourite sport to play.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Madden 10

My favourite PS3 game is Madden 2010 it's the best game EVER!!. It has the best graphics, My favourite teams are the Arizona Cardinals,Green Bay Packers,Indianapolis Colts And the New England Patriots.
My favourite player would have to be Larry Fitzgerald the other version of Israel Folau, another High jumper. He can catch the ball like a dog jumping in the air to catch a Frisbee disc . I'm the champ no one has beaten me yet.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rastah Lockz

This is just a little snippet of us boys having fun. We got told that we could play around with the
new flash cameras. So we decided to add a little comedy on our 5 minute project.Here is a little fairytale twist. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Nine Headed Hydra

On a Starless and Stormy night the horrifying looking creature crept out of its dark cave With Venom dripping from its mouth. It lingered waiting for meat to walk past. Arrrgh! The scary creature yelled with more venom coming out of its mouth, it hadn't eaten in a day. In the distance he could see a light, the Hydra was angry. He charged towards it and he saw a brave knight on his horse. He was wanting to be the first one to defeat the Hydra. This was the moment he had dreamed of. Neigh! yelled the horse and the Knight thrust his sword at the creature. The hydra ducked.Grind his evil Grind and shredded the brave knight into pieces with its vicious teeth. The Hydra stood undefeated.