Wednesday, November 24, 2010

surf life education

On a Friday morning us year 7s went on a bus trip to Mairangi Bay, i was excited to go on this trip because we got to go in the water. I had never been to this beach before because it had been far from home.I hoped this beach was better than Mission bay and Pt England. We were going there to get some tips on how to stay safe while you are in or out of the water.

As we arrived we went inside the clubhouse we had met 3 life guards they're names were rosy,recall,Megan and bailey what is a club house ?it is like a first aid it is where the life guards take people that are hurt also it is also where they keep a look out for people who are putting they're
we had lunch same old lunch nuttela bread and chips and a fruit then my mates asked ''do you want to play some rugby on the sand '' i yelled "YES!!" as soon as we started the megaphone had went off WOO! WOO! that meant we had to go inside

''We are going to do some activities in the water'' the life guards we went explained, Yusss! i yelled, we used the boogie boards and the tubes us boys boogie boarded first and the girls used the tubes the boogie boards were the best.

It was a long day at Mairangi Bay but sure enjoyed it the highlight of the day for me was boogie boarding because i caught heaps of waves it was way better than mission bay and Pt England combined.

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