Monday, May 3, 2010

Madden 10

My favourite PS3 game is Madden 2010 it's the best game EVER!!. It has the best graphics, My favourite teams are the Arizona Cardinals,Green Bay Packers,Indianapolis Colts And the New England Patriots.
My favourite player would have to be Larry Fitzgerald the other version of Israel Folau, another High jumper. He can catch the ball like a dog jumping in the air to catch a Frisbee disc . I'm the champ no one has beaten me yet.


Mrs Tele'a said...

Talofa Jonty, I like the way in which you have described your favourite player in this game. I've got a task for you. If you were to teach me to play this game in real life, as in on the field ball in hand, what are the basic skills I'd need. I'm trying to find out if these games can be used to teach us how to actually play the game in the flesh. I'll be back in a week to see if you've posted an answer for me. Keep posting Jonty, I'm interested in what you have to share. Mrs Tele'a

Tyler said...

Hey Jonty,
I like your post about madden 2010 but remember the time I beat you.