Monday, October 3, 2011

Cross Country

Have you ever ran or jogged a 3.5 km running track?,I did it was the longest period of time I have ever ran. The year 7s and 8s had cross country a very tiring one, It was very exciting at first then when I got into it I felt exhausted.

Just to start it off Mr Burt lost his wooden clapper, It claps as loud as 60 people clapping at one time. So he actually used his hands just before the clap I had butterflies because my goal was to come in the top 3 I knew this would be a very hard goal. CLAP! off we went you would’t know what I was feeling I can’t explain it, It was like it was the end of the world.

Just turning the first cone I was sprinting already Feki was in front and me and Cruz were far behind him. KEEP GOING!! yelled Mrs George just heading to the footpath I had a stitch but it didn't stop me because champions never give up. After passing a few corners Tamati was a few metres behind me their was approximately 100 meters to go I started to slow down a bit I was coming second at the time. finally the end I finished strong with sweat dripping from my forehead i finished 2nd.

This was a good experience for me running with my mates and having fun, Also This was my first time placing 2nd, It was cross country to remember.

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