Tuesday, October 4, 2011

French Conversation

The guillotine was invented during the French Revolution.
At the start of the term our team, Team 5, classes had a assembly based on the rugby world cup. We were going to find out what countries our class would be researching for the rest of the term. One of the countries our class had drawn out of the basket was France. We had groups in our class, our group was assigned to study this country.

“Kiaora, sorry, I mean ‘bonjour’. My name is Jonty and I'm from New Zealand Do you know what the capital of this country is?”

“Bonjour, my name is Pierre and you are actually in the capital, Paris! Anyway why are you in France?” kindly asked Pierre.

“I’m a tourist and I am researching this splendid country and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.”

“Okay sure, what would you like to ask me?” questioned Pierre

“Thank you, Pierre. What is a popular dish in France and what is it made out of?”

“One of our popular dishes is ‘Escargot’, many french people eat it at restaurants. It is made of cooked land snails. Sounds disgusting but it tastes wonderful!”

“Can you name one of the key players for the French team in the Rugby World Cup?”

“I favour Demetri Yachvili, he is good with the ball and has good sportsmanship.”

“Do you know a major celebration in France and is also annual?”i asked

“Bastille Day, it is to commemorate our French Revolution.”

“I didn't even know their was a French Revolution, when did it happen?”

“The French Revolution was in 1789.”

“Thank you for your helpful information Pierre, hopefully I will see you later on my tour.”

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