Monday, October 3, 2011

Silly Sports Day

"Line Up room 19!" yelled Mr Harris On Tuesday our class was attending to a Silly Sports day with the other Intermediate classes on the bottom field.There Were going to be games and also wet activities there . "I hope there are going to be some fun Activities i thought to my self.

As we arrived down the bottom field the four of our intermediate teachers set up four well organised games for us to play. The teachers that set it up for us were Mr Harris,Mrs Nua,Mrs Langitupu and Ms Tito first we played a game with Mr Harris. It was about using Team work and communication, the main objective was to balance a tennis ball on a spoon (well holding it) and with your leg tied to your partners leg with a string. you also had to get to the other side and back with out dropping the tennis ball it was probably 50 metres away.My partner was David we kept dropping the ball and going back to the start.
it was very funny.

Mrs Nua ran a Team work and communication game we had to split up into four teams.Too accomplish this game you had too dunk a sponge into a bucket of water then line up your team then pass the sponge under your legs to the next person then pass to the right to the next so it goes under right,under right,under right till you get to the last person he or she has to squeeze that sponge into a bucket at the end what ever team won was with the most water in the bucket at the end.Ms Tito took a game using accuracy and strategy's it was where you had to slingshot different types of balls in a hoola hoop lying on the ground, i had no chance in that game.

My favourtie game of the day was Mrs Langitupu's this was a fun team game you had to get in four even teams i was in the blue team with my mates Tamati,Feki,Tyler,Milleny and cruz it was a funny game you had to tag the other team by passing a ball around and trying to tag the other players well they were running around our team were the champs.

It was a funny and exciting day on tuesday i hope we can do it again.

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